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Bringing Exquisite Granite, Marble, Quartz, & Quartzite Countertops To Residential & Commercial Spaces in Tennessee, Arkansas & Mississippi


As a family owned and operated company, we understand the value and importance of servicing your individual needs. We at EXPO are proud to provide you the best quality materials for the lowest Price, along side of our quick professional installation with a personal touch. We treat you as our family here! That’s our EXPO guarantee!

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Who We Are

We are a team of Professional Designers, Fabricators, Stonecutters, and Installers. Specializing in Residential and Commercial Countertops ; Ready to bring Elegance and Beauty to your Kitchen, Islands, Bathrooms, Offices, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Custom Projects, Custom Cuts, and more! Our team is ready to make your dreams and visions of beautiful, elegant countertops come true. Call or Stop by today and start to make those dreams and visions your new reality!

What We Do

We do it ALL! From help with design and choosing the right stone, to precise laser measuring, having an expert team of stonecutters and fabricators to ensure your countertops are 100% perfected and stunningly pleasing, with quick professional installation, we are your ALL-IN-ONE stop! NO More having to buy a slab from a stone seller, just to hire someone else to cut it and another to install, wasting time and spending more money than you should.

Available Options

We carry Granite, Marble, Quartz, and Quartzite slabs. So whether you are looking for a beautiful natural stone to make a stunning focal point and center of attention, or a tougher manmade stone to endure and enjoy the daily wonders of life and family, we carry it all. From various colors, patterns, hues and designs in each type of stone, you’re guaranteed to find THE ONE that will complete your dream look,  catch visitors attention, and withstand the everyday pleasures of life!


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“Elevate Your Homes Aesthetic With Beauty That Last A Lifetime!”


From Elegant Kitchens, Stunning Bathrooms, to Unique Custom Projects and Commercial Countertop Spaces, Our Team Can Make Any Dream Or Idea Into A Beautiful Masterpiece



Truly Beautiful with 100’s of Colors and Patterns, This Unique and Elegant Natural Stone is One of the Oldest, Hardest, and Strongest Stones Available. Best for High Traffic/Usage Kitchens and Other Areas, Granite Countertops Have the Strength Needed For Busy Lifes, Yet Makes A Beautiful Statement and Can Stand Up to Any Lifestyle and Family without the Extra Care and Protection Needed By Marble. Suitable for Homes and Even Commercial Needs, Your Granite Countertops Will Last You A Lifetime!  


Experience Timeless Charm While Bringing Luxurious Aesthetics to Your Home with Marble Countertops. This Natural Stone is One That Will Bring A Luxury Feeling to Any Room it is Used In. Best Used as A Showpiece or In Bathrooms, Marble Will Bring Soft, Sweet Elegance To Your Home. Attending to the Extra Love, Care and Maintenance that Marble Requires will Guarantee A Lifetime Of Resonating Beauty, and Will Having You Standing Out Of the Crowd with Alluring Style!


Lay Back and Enjoy Life with Low Maintenance Beautiful Quartz Countertops! These Visually Pleasing Yet Simple and Beautiful Stones Have Superb Durability and Resistance Against Scratches, Chips and Cracks Compared to Other Stones, While Being Water Resistant and Non-Porous. Quartz Countertops Are A Top Choice For Professional Areas, Kitchens and Bathrooms; No Worry About Water Damage, Stains, Mold or Bacteria!


Combining the Best of Both Worlds; The Luxurious Style of Marble and Strength and Durability of Granite, Quartzite Will Bring Your Home an Aesthetic Look You’ve Been Dreaming Of! Incredible Luscious Veining and Stunning Color, This Natural Stone Is A Work Of Art For Your Home That You Can Enjoy Without Worry. An Array Of Choices Ensures That You Can Stand Out of the Crowd Without the High Maintenance and Care You’d Put Into Actual Marble, Quartzite Is the Perfect In-Between Of Durability and Beauty! 

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We Are Located In Memphis, Tennessee. We Work With Residential And Commercial Spaces; Both Private Individuals And Contractors As Well. We Service West Tennessee, Arkansa, and Mississippi. We Are Your All – In – One Stop For The Best Priced And Stunning Looking Natural Stones, Where We Laser Measure, Fabricate, and Install These Natural Works Of Art In Your Home Or Commercial Space With Expert Precision And Personal Dedication To Your Needs!

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Servicing West  Tennessee, Arkansas, & Mississippi.

Granite, Marble, Quartz and Quartzite.

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